"SEEK" Review

9.18.17 | Dfdance: Le Magazine de la Dance Actuelle à Montréal

"Power, generosity, and fierce attacks end the evening in a room of Maya Orchin.  Presenting six energetic dancers, well anchored and involved.  The listening and the chemistry that emerges from this team are palpable.  The connection lining each of them transports the public into an exhilarating universe.  Punctuated with entries, exists, beautiful duets and interactions between all dancers, SEEK does not let us get bored! The variety and the evolution in the room keep us an eye open and curiosity well sharpened."

Room '29' Reviews

3.26.17 | London Financial Times
Bernadette McNulty

‘…and throwing in a big Hollywood ending with the whirling dervish spectacle of dancer Maya Orchin.’

3.23.17 | MusicOMH
Ben Hogwood

‘A Trick Of The Light is the musical tour de force of the evening, capped by a red strobe and the elastic arms of ballet dancer Maya Orchin.’

3.24.17 | The Line of Best Fit
Jessica Goodman

During "Trick Of The Light" Maya Orchin's serpentine dance is irresistably captivating, colour changing lights playing off her dress in awestriking tribute to the hand painted film cells that first broadcast the movements.